Thursday, May 28, 2009

Group of 88 honorary member

Nancy Wadsworth, assistant professor of race stuff at DU, on the quote from Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor that a "wise Latina woman" can beat up a white guy any day or whatever it was she said that's stirred up such a ruckus:
"I think the brouhaha over it is a total red herring. And it's a brouhaha that comes from a perspective of privilege, particularly white-male privilege," said Nancy Wadsworth, a professor at the University of Denver who teaches courses on race and religion in politics.

"White males think they make all decisions in the abstract, in some vacuum," Wadsworth said. America "had a debate over whether Barack Obama was capable of being objective because he's black, whether Hillary Clinton could be objective because she's a woman. The assumption is that if you are John Roberts, a white male, your ability to hold off bias is unquestioned."
Wadsworth also has the requisite, um, thinness of publication to qualify for G88 membership.

Update: Stokely-on-Carmichael!

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