Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trimbach interview plus

Richard Two Elk of Two Elk Enterprises sent the link to an interview he did last June with former FBI agent Joe Trimbach on his book American Indian Mafia. Nothing new for those who've read it, but still worth listening to:
"They [AIM] were a maverick group who were looking out only for themselves and to the extent they were able to snooker the public and many other Indians they were successful, because out of Wounded Knee, what do we have as a result? We have nothing--nothing has improved for the residents of Pine Ridge. The people at Wounded Knee lost everything. This is nothing to do with treaty rights. Everything was destroyed, and the leaders of AIM come out with money, fame and power."
"Voices of Wounded Knee," another Two Elk mp.3, bears Trimbach out. A series of snippets from interviews with people who lived in Wounded Knee during the "occupation" by American Indian Movement militants, "Voices" traces the devastation AIM visited on the village, from the sacking of Gildersleeve's Trading Post to the burning of the village churches. Some of the segments are in lousy sound, but listening hard will take care of that.

Update: Two Elk also included a tape of the incident mentioned in American Indian Mafia in which Russell Means and peace-loving fake Indian Glenn Morris (Trimbach doesn't mention that he was there) threatened Two Elk if he didn't quit "maligning" AIMster Troy Lynn Yellow Wood by reporting about her involvement in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash. Did somebody say "scum"?

Update II: Okay, after swearing at Hilda in comments, I'll concede her point: there's no specific threat on Two Elk's life in that mp.3, so I've replaced "threatened [his] life" with "threatened Two Elk." As someone who has himself been threatened by Morris (among other AIMsters), I know what they were threatening, but no, it wasn't stated. Of course, Two Elk was actually assaulted during the incident, too, as Trimbach notes in American Indian Mafia.

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