Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bullet points for wedge heads

  • My senile little Ford Escort wagon averaged 42 miles a gallon over the 2000 or so miles from Denver to Illinois and back. When every car in the U.S. is that efficient we won't need to go to war for oooooiiiiiillllll anymore--we can do it just for fun like we used to.

  • In Nebraska a semi-truck with one of those two-foot-tall light-bulb crosses (Christian, I assume) on the grille got behind me. Seen those? I think they're a new(ish) trucker fashion. I've even seen a neon one. It was dark, but I wanted a picture of this one so I slowed down and aimed the camera backwards blindly. Didn't work at all, but apparently I slowed down too much and/or the trucker saw my flash, because suddenly he was RIGHT BEHIND ME and even when I sped up he wouldn't get off my tail. Didn't turn into Duel or anything, but he scared the crap outta me. Check it out:

    Nyar-nyar-nyar: That's the cross coming at you in the middle.

  • Didn't have time this trip, but one of these days I'm gonna visit Nicodemus, Kansas.

  • There's a stretch of Nebraska where you can get only one radio station. It broadcasts crop prices 24 hours a day. As John Ray might say, Fun!


    Fun, goddamnit

  • Didn't eat fast food even once this trip. Unfortunately to avoid doing so I exceeded the recommended yearly dose of tunafish by 16,000 percent for my weight. Look, ma! I'm a thermometer!

  • The only blog I've tried to keep an eye on while running around is Pirate Ballerina. As usual, he's been pointing out lots of idiocy of the Ward Churchill kind. Fun!

  • Ward himself has been quiet for a while.

  • Too quiet.

  • Update: Richard Matheson, who wrote the original short story Duel, also wrote, among other classics, The Incredible Shirking (sorry, gratuitous self-reference) Shrinking Man.

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