Monday, October 03, 2016

Fleet week

Having earned his (provisional) release from the Oklahoma State Home for the Genial (hi there!), the D-blog decided to use some of his accumulated disability payments (the D-blog is now officially 112 percent disabled, btw) to expand his fleet of work vehicles.

Isn't this a cool truck?

Hard to read, but it says, "Old Pickup That Died!!?? Not For Sale!!!!" Love this truck.
  The D-blog uses it to haul grain to the frou-frou little Farmers Market at 38th and Federal. 
And this is the D-a-W's new daily driver:

Yes, do. The D-a-W is very into the Vegan Prosperity Gospel and, as you can see, this little beauty goes far toward making that gospel manifest in her daily life. We haul grain in it, too.

And here (best for last), is the D-blog's own day-to-day car. A little pricey for a late-model used, but as I've discovered, love really is what makes a Subaru a Subaru:

You should see the smiles and waves, hear the honks and laughter, when the D-blog is driving this baby. For some reason, though, it's only guys who see me getting out of it at the store or whatever who come over and ask to take a picture of me posing with this car. No chicky-babes. Weird.


Drunkawife said...

The untold story: We had a giant fight over which one of us would get to drive the lesbaru. I bet I could get chicky-babes to take their picture with me in front of it, don't you think?

Focko Smitherman said...