Saturday, January 10, 2015

Breaking on the Fetushead beat

Commenter Peyton Manning on the Patriots/Ravens thread at AoS: "Stop making fun of me. It's called macrocephaly!"

Update: Such a careful blogger (see post below).


jwpaine said...

you ever comment over there, jgm? and what nick do you use when you do ( if in fact, you do do)?

Unknown said...

Hey there JW! How is things? Anything brewing with the Perfesser?
Where are you living now?

jwpaine said...

Things is good. Perfesser is still publicly unemployed. I'm living in my all-but-inaccessible lair.


willibeaux said...

Well now JW! All-but-inaccessible lair?

Sounds spooky.

Still living in Golden. 43 years.