Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Adventures in reading!

Alan Dershowitz, in his latest (?) book, Taking the Stand (2013): "Over the years several Holocaust deniers have challenged me to debate them on whether the Holocaust occurred. I have a standard answer:"
I will debate whether the Holocaust occurred but only as a part of a series of debates on the following subjects: Elvis Presley is alive and well; the space shuttle never landed on the moon; the earth is flat; and space aliens have made contact with lots of Americans.


jwpaine said...

So... is Dershowitz saying the Holocaust occurred, or is he saying it didn't? 'Cause his sentence notes the occurrence of the Holocaust, and then follows it with a list of things that aren't true and/or didn't happen.

Focko Smitherman said...

Yes. Or maybe no. It doesn't make any sense the way he put it.