Sunday, October 21, 2012

The return of Occupy Denver?

Post: "Thousands of zombies, mutants overtake downtown Denver." (What, was downtown Denver running away?)

No, I see now it's just another benighted instant tradition imported from California, this one called a "Zombie Crawl." An alleged 10,000 showed up. Lots of zombie vomit on the sidewalks of Lodo by the end, I bet.

Update: Boy, did I call it, in general and in deeee-tail. Post: "Zombie Crawl and anti-police protesters mix leading to arrests."
Police made six arrests Saturday night during the seventh annual Zombie Crawl and third annual anti-police march, said John White, Denver police spokesman. . . .
 "The non-permitted march started around 7 p.m. with about 35 individuals, then zombies joined in," White said.
Apparently neither anarchists nor zombies need any stinkin' &tc.

This was the third Denver march "against police terrorism," according to the Denver Anarchist Black Cross website

"The march was attacked early on, as demonstrators and police contested control of the streets," the site states. "Demonstrators fought to hold ground, and a brief but brutal street fight erupted." . . .
Yeah, sure it did. Okay, so it's not Occupy Denver, but close enough. (We've noted the (Ward Churchill-approved) Anarchist Black Cross before, btw.) And the drunken zombies?
The sidewalks up and down the 16th Street Mall were covered in fake blood, trash and broken glass as thousands participated in the zombie event.
You wouldn't even have noticed the vomit.

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