Friday, August 17, 2012

More landlord knavery

Front page of the Post right now: "Pueblo landlord gets 4 years for hiring homeless to remove asbestos":
A Pueblo landlord was sentenced to four years in state prison for hiring homeless people to remove asbestos from the condemned multi-family home he was demolishing .

Thomas K. Tienda, 49, was convicted on eight felonies in the case prosecuted by the Colorado Attorney General's Office. . . .

"Sheer greed drove Tienda to cut costs at the expense of the public and jeopardized the health of vulnerable members of our society, the homeless," said Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said [sic] in a statement Friday. "A four-year prison sentence is appropriate and proves that this type of unscrupulous behavior will not go unpunished."
Kind of evil, huh? But I can empathize. As a landlord, you quickly become willing to do almost anything to avoid spending money. It's part of the code. But sometimes, yes, that kind of money-saving zeal can lead a 'lord (that's what we call ourselves, "''lords") to cut corners a leetle too much.

One time, for instance, I hired a bunch of vulnerable members of our society to replace my roof. Man, were they cheap. I soon learned, however, that vulnerable members of society, while cheap, are also surprisingly porous.

Shew. Lot of wasted effort on that one, and now I'm way too tired to denounce myself. Maybe tomorrow.

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