Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey kids! What day is it? That's right! It's 'Blog about Brett Kimberlin' Day!

Since I don't think I'd ever heard of the dangerous jerk before yesterday, I'll just link to the first page of all the folks who are defending their and others' First Amendment right to speak the truth about the unrepentant domestic terrorist (hey, that phrase rings a bell).

Update: Here's Patterico's long, detailed post about the harassment and threats he, his wife and many others have been subjected to by Kimberlin and his minions. Though what Patterico's gone through is so much worse it constitutes a difference in kind not degree, it reminds me a little of the shit Ward Churchill, Benjie Whitmer and their pals pulled trying to intimidate me during the Wart brouhaha: publicizing my wife's ancient DUI in an effort to get her fired, accusing me of all manner of defugalties including panty-sniffing and window-peeping in Boulder County (which Wart claimed he found in official records), etc. Oh, and the threats of severe bodily harm and/or death. Can't forget those.

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