Monday, February 20, 2012


Just heard that the national average gas price is $3.56 or somewhere around there. Here (that is, at the Safeway on the corner), it's $3.01 (at least it was yesterday); including the three-cent-a-gallon break for having a Safeway card: $2.98. Big diff. But a temporary aberration, you can be sure.

Update (24 Feb): Still $2.98, tho it went up to $3.00 and down to $2.97 in between. National average today, according to KOA: $3.65.

Update II (28 Feb): $3.05.

Update III (6 March): $3.15

Update IV (10 March): $3.16.

Update V (13 March): still $3.16. Heard on KOA that Denver has the cheapest gas in the whole USA. Will not attempt to verify.

Update VI (16 March): still $3.16. Honestly, what the fuck is going on? My opinion: George W. Bush, out of office for three years but still a secret force for oil-rape and American hegemony, has invaded yet another oil-rich country (no, I don't know which one) all by himself (yeeeeeeehahhhhhhh!) only to enrich the coffers of Halliburpen. Because Denver's a cowtown, and GWB likes cowtowns, we don't have to pay for it.

Inexorable. Logic.

Update VII (18 March): $3.44. Yikes. Up almost 30 cents in two days. Damn you Booooooosh!

Update VIII (22 March): $3.58. Told you we'd catch up.

Update IX (28 March): $3.63.

Update X (6 April): $3.70.

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