Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Anne Francis

Ever seen Bad Day at Black Rock? For many years we've flubbed around the house in imitation of her last scene in that movie, where she goes running to Robert Ryan (just before he shoots her daid), arms flailing, tits flooping, looking about as uncoordinated as a human can look.

The D-a-W is better at it than I am, for some reason (I'm funnier doing it, I claim). Looked for the scene, but no luck. The movie is great, though hokey, as exemplified by this scene. Karate chops to the small of the back are surprisingly effective. At least on The Borg.

Never was a big fan of Forbidden Planet, mainly because I can't stand Walter Pidgeon. (Can't stand Greer Garson either, he said irrelevantly, except Pidgeon was in the lousy Mrs. Miniver with her).

Vaguely remember Honey West. Only two things, actually: Francis's mole, and her skintight spysuit as she crawled into her secret spyvan in the intro. I was seven years old, and still: va-va-va-voom.

More irrelevance: Anybody remember Secret Sam? Little kids loved that spy stuff in the 60s.

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