Tuesday, March 02, 2010

No books

Over at "the girls'" place today, taking care of shit that anyone owning a 100-year-old house will be familiar with. Both girls are college students. One is pre-med, the other studying radiology or something.

Looking for panties to sniff (kidding!, tho not according to Ward Churchill), I noticed one thing: besides textbooks, there are no books in their place. No books. None.

Not even Stephen King. Scares me a little.

Update: By the way, is there anything more boring than a 20-year-old girl (or boy, for that matter)?

Update II: Okay, one more whine: when I opened the front door to the girls' place there was a sound like this: Screeeeeeeee! I asked the girlie in residence: Doesn't that drive you crazy?

She said yeah. But it was like, I'm helpless. I got the can of WD-40 out and took care of it. Learned helplessness: is there anything it can't not do?

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