Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Snow in mountains, foothills; maybe even Denver tonight

Didn't summer end just yesterday? The heat is on here at the D-blog manse, people are wearing winter coats, and it looks like November out (except all the trees still have green leaves). The high was 48 degrees.

We know what to blame.

What else is going on in this suppurating cowpox-scarred town?

Oh, yeah: Alleged attempted terrorism. I won't even attempt to catch up on that story. I'll just stick to cute animal stories like:

  • Fox steals golf balls in Steamboat (never seen a hairless fox

  • Elk attacks Evergreen woman (in her driveway); and

  • Dog leaps from car; attacks Broomfield woman (fang marks!).

  • And stupid human stories like:

  • Obama urges Israeli, Palestinian sides to do more. (Looming gap. Yeah, sure.)

    Sorry I've been so distant recently, darling D-blog readers (just over a month since I last posted), but I've had one of those big, ugly rush jobs I used to get all the time, but hardly ever do since the recent Downturn. And I need the money. I'll be posting with ever-increasing frequency now, though, you lucky sucks. And you'll come crawling back. Oh, yes you will.

  • By the way, what is going on with LGF?

    Update: Unlike me, JWP has been keeping up on various Wardities.

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