Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And this is the conservative paper in town

Michelle Obama was in Boulder today to push a get-out-the-youth-vote effort. The Rocky: Michelle Obama stirs the crowd at CU Boulder:
The crowd of college students and regular folks who wanted a taste of history bonded with Michelle Obama today as she emphasized her own working class background and her husband's upbringing in a family headed by an overworked single mother.
Yeesh. The Post's Karen Crummy did better, confining herself to sort-of live-blogging the speech while avoiding the Stalinist scene-setting. She also noted the size of the crowd, only "several hundred," and the fact that students, the target of Obama's visit, mostly ignored the rally. The News just says the "sprawling" Farrand Field was a quarter filled. No numbers, no demographics. In fact, the lead leaves the impression that students were a big part of the crowd.

Update: I missed the Rocky's live-blog, though, which does mention the lack of students in attendance, even though at least one professor cancelled class so they could attend.

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