Friday, February 01, 2008

Weird Bird Friday

I've been late with Weird Bird Friday lately because I've been teaching a parenting class on Thursday nights. This week I got started a little early with a parenting-themed Weird Bird.

Here is a gay flamingo couple that adopted a baby flamingo that had been deserted by its birth mother (or is it "hatch mother"?).

Carlos & Fermando with their new bundle of love

According to the Daily Mail,
When a newly-hatched flamingo chick was abandoned by its mother and father, the search for surrogate parents did not take long.

Carlos and Fernando, the only gays in the bird sanctuary, were the automatic choice.
They'd apparently been trying to steal babies before they became legal adoptive parents. They even had a rebirthing to strengthen their bond.

They just stuffed the little baby bird back in an egg, taped it up, and made him peck his way out all over again.


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