Friday, October 06, 2006

Weird Bird Friday--Inaugural Post!

Owls at the Aviary, Parque Ecológico, Puebla, Mexico

I have decided that it is long overdue that Drunkablog have its own "animal Friday." Following in the great tradition of The Blog's Cat Blog Friday and Avatar Brief's Duck Friday, I have decided to initiate Weird Bird Friday on Drunkablog.

In Mr. Drunkablog's absence, Mrs. Drunka made a unilateral decision to begin this new series. And, since D-a-B had to give Mrs. D his password so she could offer her insightful and entertaining guest posts, Weird Bird Friday just may continue even after the return of D-a-B.

If he doesn't approve of Weird Bird Friday, he can just start his own animal Friday. Then all you clowns out there in Drunkablog land can vote on which you like best!

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