Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blood MIMple

Yeah, pretty Coen-y title.

Hey, gang! Look! The Maoist Internationalist Movement's in trouble! We gotta help 'em! I know! Let's put on a show!

Maybe it's not that bad yet, but MIM seems to be floundering. First they dumped the paper edition of "MIM Notes," and now "Chair" is practically flagellating itself:
I have to make severe self-criticism, because I can see now that I have often appeared crass and deluded to people working with MIM this past year, like never before.
Crass and deluded? Well, MIM as a whole, maybe. A little. You mustn't blame yourself, Chair.
We said we were working with intellectuals, but many more have worked with us than I thought. This is an example of a right opportunist error, where by inaccurate perception of reality, I ended up taking a lower road than possible.
Speaking of inaccurate perceptions of reality:
I have said that opposition to us is 99.944%. Let's adjust that to 99.444%. That's a big difference. Taking MIM out of the picture would be noticed by many very famous people now.
Yeah, sure. So Chayr forgives itself, even boasts a little, but the next "Note" strikes a more ominous, er, note:

Monday November 5 is the deadline to devolve from the mothership ETEXT MIM cll. We have said for a long time that people must prepare for the day that comrades
would be on their own. . . .

We are sure some are contemplating life without the MIM cell's instruction or even opposing MIM. We contend that life goes better with our leadership. This thesis will be put to the test now. We will see who agrees with that and who does not.

So is MIM ceasing publication altogether or what? Sometimes my lack of cryptic communication skills is a real pain in the ass. But just in case: MIM! Come back, MIM! Mother wants you! MIM! Come back!

Update: Another good show.

Update II: "Life goes better with our leadership." Isn't that from an old advertising campaign for Coke®?

Update III: Don't know if they just added this or I just noticed it now, but at the top of MIM's "What's New" page is the warning:
Dear Readers: If you are connected to the Internet or near a telephone or cell-phone, U.$. spies can track you and maybe even see you visually. Keep that in mind as you read MIM and other anti-Amerikkkan websites.
Update IV: "See you visually"?

Update V: Damn, I added updates III and IV without checking comments, and now see that JWP beat me to it, and funnier.

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