Monday, November 19, 2007

Maybe just one to celebrate

The Post's Bill Husted:

In 2004, Men's Health magazine named Denver the drunkest city in America.

In the upcoming December issue of Men's Health, Denver is again named the No. 1 drunkest city — and to put a capper on it, we're the "most dangerously drunk city."

Colorado Springs comes in as the third drunkest city. Aurora is the 19th drunkest city. . . .

The magazine came up with the rankings by factoring in "annual death rates due to alcoholic liver disease, as well as who's headed there by regularly downing five or more drinks in a sitting. Next, we factored in drunk-driving arrests and the percentage of fatal accidents involving intoxicated motorists. Then, after tallying the MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) report card on state efforts to cut down on excessive drinking, we had our ranking and, for the state of Colorado, a [sic] invitation to AA."

In an interview at the Love To Drink Inn, Metro Denver Visitors Bureau spokesman Rich Grant countered:

"Whaddaya mean I'm cut off? Fug you! Fug everbody! You fuggin' fuggers! Fug you!"

It's bad around here.

Update: "Denver more dangerous than New York, San Francisco." Coinkidink? I think not.

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