Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Night at the Radio!

How about Suspense? This one's called, simply, "Phobia" (26 June 1947).

And Vic and Sade: "Double Feature in Hopewood" (10 June 1939).

Update: Other movies starring Gloria Golden (and frequent co-star Four-Fisted Frank Fuddleman) include:
I Place My Heart In Thy Rosy Hands, Part Time Freight Agent Lewis

You're The Cowpuncher Of My Dreams, Foreman Hastings

You Are My Moonlit Dream Of Love, Apprentice Able-bodied Seaman McFish

Gazing Into Your Eyes Like This Is Heaven, Minor League Assistant Umpire Drake

My Heart Is In Your Hands, Master Sgt. Irwin Strohm

Love Lingers On, Assistant Deputy Game Warden Rogers

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