Friday, November 30, 2007

Moron outs self

The white guy who got national attention last week after he complained that Denver's diversity training video was prejudiced against white guys was fired from his city job eight years ago after he was accused of being, weeeeellll:
The Denver city employee who triggered an uproar when he complained about a diversity-training video that portrayed a white man as a bumbling bigot was fired from the city in 1999 for allegedly holding a knife to another worker's throat and using racial slurs.
Yep, a bumbling (and dangerous) bigot.
Dennis Supple, who is white, said the incident from eight years ago was overblown and that he's being retaliated against for speaking out about the video.
Supple calls the incident "horseplay that was misconstrued." No doubt lawsuits will fly, but it did seem a little weird that he was willing (he said) to use equity in his house to take Denver to court over the stupid video (which for you masochists is available in full here).

Update: El Presidente points out that I didn't include a link for this story. We strive for competence around here, because a man's reach should etc., etc., but let's be realistic. Here's the News' account.

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