Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday Night at the Radio!

Haven't played many of these: The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show--the adventures of Jack Benny's drunken bandleader, his movie-star wife and his even drunkener guitar player, Frankie Remley. Always a novelty song by Faye in the middle, but the comedy's worth it. This one's called "Remley Wants To Go To New York City" (2 May 1950).

Haven't played any of these: The Health and Happiness Show, starring, believe it or not, Hank Williams (October 1949).

Update: Figures. Alice Faye doesn't sing on this week's PH & AF show.

Update II: Damn, Hank kicks ass. Gotta have another one of those (October 1949).

(Somebody cut out the commercials on these shows, the cretins.)

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