Monday, November 19, 2007

More little Churchills

The internationalist itchbags of the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network note a speech by Hone Harawira, a Maori member of the New Zealand parliament, who "denounced recent attacks by the New Zealand 'security' forces on Indigenous activists, revealing the systemic nature of the silencing of dissent around the world" during debate on New Zealand's Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill.

What the speech actually reveals, of course, is the systemic nature of Churchillian bullshit around the world:
I don't understand terrorism as it is understood by those fuelled by the jingoistic, acid-drenched, hate-filled, anti-Islamic, death to anyone from the Middle East, vitriolic, poisonous claptrap that the United States is trying to foist upon the rest of the world. . . .

Mr Speaker, when a member of this House characterizes terrorism as the importation of deadly diseases, the murder of innocent civilians, and the wholesale theft of a people's lands and territories, is he referring to the terrorism of the colonial invasion of Aotearoa, because you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see those very terrorist activities in our own
history . . . .
Some background from the New Zealand Herald.

Update: PB (who should be back online today) notes a fundraiser for Wart at Woodstock, NY on the 21st. The announcement of the event at the Colony Cafe says:
Churchill was recently fired by the University of Colorado for "engaging in research misconduct" in a 2001 essay in which he claimed that people killed in the World Trade Center attacks were involved in provoking the attack. . . . A video interview with Churchill from White Buffalo Media will be followed by music from Hugh Brodie, Wet Paint, Gayle Two Eagles, Ras T Asheber Posse, Paul McMahon, Lynda Sunshine.
Teach your children well.

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