Tuesday, November 20, 2007

That's harsh

The Post:
State delegations representing about 5,000 Democratic National Convention delegates were assigned hotel rooms in the Denver metro area on Tuesday, but Florida was not among them.

Delegations from 55 states and territories were assigned one of 27 hotels, "all within 20 minutes of the Pepsi Center," according to the Democratic National Convention Committee, which handles logistics in Denver. . . .

Florida moved its primary up to January in violation of Democratic National Committee rules, leading the party to strip the state of its delegates for the convention and prevent them from being assigned a hotel.

The eventual Democratic presidential nominee could ask that Florida's delegation being [sic] reinstated to the convention, a likelihood given the state's electoral importance. But it's unclear what that would mean for the 210-member delegation's accommodations in Denver.
A wag comments: "trash! garbage! who cares? their democRATS. put them out on the street or in dumpsters. That's where the baby murderers belong."

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