Monday, November 12, 2007

Me want

And me want NOW:

Global Warming Mug with Chocolates

Fill the mug with a hot beverage and watch the world’s coastlines disappear. Unwrap a milk chocolate Earthball, pop it into your mouth, and it, too, will disappear. 12-oz. ceramic mug arrives with 6 oz. of creamy, delicious chocolates in colorful foil wrappers. The perfect stocking stuffer.
Earthballs. And of course the mugs (though not the chocolates) are completely organic, and no toxic chemicals or energy were used in their manufacture.

(via commenter Latino at Tim Blair's)

Update: $17.95? Seventeen dollars and ninety-five cents for a coffee mug? Me no want no more.

Update II: Not that anybody cares, but I originally said the price was $17.50.

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