Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Night at the Radio!

Think I'll play one I haven't for a while: I Was A Communist for the FBIiiiii. This one's called "An Un-American Activity" (5 June 1953). It's a neat one, historically speaking. You'll see why. If you listen. To it.

Speaking of un-Americans, I took a gander at the old petition to reinstate Ward Churchill, which has skyrocketed in the last three or four months to around 680 signatures--less, of course, the one-third or so that actually mock Churchill. I was bummed to see that they took down Dan Rather's comment ("Ward Churchill's innocent! I have all the documents right here!"), but there was one new one that stood out because purportedly from Amiri Baraka (and wife):
It is disgusting that a foreign power, the state of Israel [who'd have guessed?--ed.], has such power and control here in the United States. Consider, not England or Germany nor France has such power. Even to render null & void the First Amendment.
Sounds like him, anyway.

And Gunsmoke! This one's called, promisingly, "Home Surgery" (13 September 1952).

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