Saturday, March 24, 2007

Paranoid, vaguely threatening, bourgeois-demeaning quote of the day!

From the civil libertarians at the Maoist Internationalist Movement:

Trying to handle MIM, Ward Churchill etc. as if they were Third World Islamic teenagers is not going to work. The fact that we are politically unpopular does not remove our means of retaliation. We may not use the avenues that the ACLU uses, but we are aware of the inherent nature of bourgeois politics and we will see to it that politics do not regress beyond those limits. The nature of the conflict that the "Patriot Act" crowd wants has historical precedents and the enemy has overreached out of ignorance of bourgeois dynamics.

Third World Islamic teenagers. That's pretty good. But goddamnit. How many times has the Patriot Act crowd been warned not to overreach out of ignorance of bourgeois dynamics? Don't bother to look, I'll just tell you: hundreds of times. And what's the first thing they do? Overreach out of ignorance of bourgeois dynamics.


(h/t Schnapps)

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