Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quinners never wit

Interesting alleged facts and figures on smoking in Colorado just before the 30th anniversary of the dorkily named but well-meaning Great American Smokeout:
When the Smokeout started 30 years ago as a way for people to stop using tobacco - even for a single day - a lot more people lit up regularly, about one in three adults. By last year, the figure dropped to fewer than one in five. And Colorado now ranks ninth in the nation for lowest prevalence of adult smoking, with 17.9 percent of the population using tobacco. Officials attribute the decline to the 2004 tobacco tax increase that funds tobacco-education programs and to the 2006 state ban on indoor smoking.
Don't know why it comes to mind just now, but Rocky columnist David Harsanyi's book Nanny State arrived in the mail yesterday.

What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Know how I quit smoking? It was easy. I just quit drinking 15 to 20 beers and a half-pint (or more) of McCormick's vodka every day first. Try it. You won't believe what a Lark (heh) quitting smoking is compared to that. Hint: no clonic
seizures. :-)

Update: McCormick's, the only vodka to win the coveted EPA seal of approval, is now calling itself the "Earth Friendly Vodka."

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