Thursday, December 06, 2007

Worry aired

Recalling CU's recent history of spectacular PR disasters (so many, so stupid, so nasty), Michael Roberts says CU president Hank Brown's successor "will likely have to clean up just one more mess left over from the old days -- Ward Churchill's lawsuit, which Brown has shown no interest in settling."

Worry: What about his successor? Whoever it is isn't going to be an ACTA-crazed stormtrooper like Hank Brown. What's to stop her/im from saying, The hell with this, let's shovel the bastard a few (hundred thousand) bucks and be done with it. We'll call him "prolific" and he'll promise not to tell how much we gave him. Hey, who's for pizza? I'm buying! Bwahahaha! Or words to that effect?

Update: Guess what a first edition of Acts of Rebellion: The Wart Churchill Reader (2002) costs. Go ahead, guess. Now: scream!

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