Friday, December 14, 2007

Irving v. Lipstadt, round two?

The Jewish Chronicle:
HOLOCAUST-denier David Irving claims he is preparing to serve court papers on the American historian he unsuccessfully sued for libel in London’s High Court eight years ago.

This week, the JC learned that the discredited historian, who last year served part of a three-year sentence in an Austrian jail for breaching the country’s Holocaust-denial laws, emailed Deborah Lipstadt informing her he intended to institute unspecified court proceedings against her.

He told the JC that this could only be done while she was within the jurisdiction of the High Court. When Irving found out that Prof Lipstadt would be in the UK for a series of talks, he got in touch with her.
Favorite quote:
[Irving] added: “[Ms Lipstadt] is no friend of mine. I have many Jewish friends but she is not one of them.”
(via Oliver Kamm)

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