Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Drunkablog: Now banned in Wartland!

The filthy Churchillite blog Try-Works has declared me persona au gratin, and all it took was my asking Ward ("Charley Arthur" at Try-Works*) why he didn't defend his frau Natsu Saito when Westword printed my account of how she, an associate professor of law at Georgia State, not only witnessed a death threat against my little white skin, but congratulated the thug who made it.** Ward didn't like that, and "suggested" that Benjie ban me--which, needless to say, Benjie immediately did.

So now seemingly every person (except maybe Laurie) who has attacked Wart, Benjie, et. al, at Try-Works has been banned. How unutterably boring these people are in their nastiness. Whatever the venue, Churchill and the DBAB--through anonymous lies, through obscene and scatological insults, through threats and physical intimidation--try to eliminate the voices of those who disagree with their evil beliefs. It gets old, but it's good that they never seem to realize they're only exposing themselves for the brutish totalitarians they are.

*Charley denies he's Ward Churchill, but, hey, Wart, just as you said it was my responsibility to prove false the charges of window-peeping, panty-stealing and child molestation (in Boulder County, yet) you made against me, it's up to you to prove you're not Charley Arthur. Which you clearly are. Once again your ego has made you vulnerable, Chubbsy.

**Natsu didn't defend herself, either, of course.

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