Tuesday, December 11, 2007

G.B. Shaw had the same problem

Sitting on a corner lot as it does, this decayed hellhouse has roughly 570 feet of sidewalk, walkways and steps to shovel. I've measured. It's great exercise, but sometimes inconvenient--like, say, when you have an extremely painful swollen gland in your neck and even strangers just walking by feel empowered to call you Goiter Boy.

No, I don't have a snow blower. Don't believe in 'em. That is, I believe in them, of course, they exist and everything, but I don't believe in using them. Also, I've priced them at Home DepĂ°t.

Don't call me Goiter Boy

Update: The mark above the "o" in "Depot" is a "small eth, Icelandic," as if you didn't know.

Update II: It's snowing again.

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