Tuesday, December 04, 2007

At least they all still love Leonard Peltier

Portland Indymedia has a "Public Statement on Ward Churchil and John Graham" by "some of John Graham's supporters in Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory":

John Graham and Arlo Looking Cloud, former members of the American Indian Movement, are currently being framed with the 1975-76 murder of AIM leader Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. Looking Cloud has already been convicted and sentenced in South Dakota to life in prison. Graham is in prison in Vancouver awaiting the final word on his extradition appeals. . . .

Ward Churchill has made repeated contentious statements regarding the case against John Graham. On October 28, 2007, a few non-Native anti-poverty activists brought Ward Churchill to Vancouver for a forum on anti-Olympics organizing. These people were not representatives of the indigenous resistance movement in Vancouver and this event negatively impacted local grassroots Native organizers. . . .

It goes on like that for a while, and the evocative phrase "bad jacketing" is used, as it always is in the long-running gangsters' feud between Colorado AIM and "original" AIM.

Update: the "1975-76 murder"?

Update II: Just how does Lenny manage to keep the support of both sides in this Trotsky-esque mess, anyway?

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