Monday, December 03, 2007

Wart's people

America is Going Fascist

The signs are all there for anyone to see, and time is getting short for action
This on top of a non-review of Naomi Wolf's The End of America at a website called "Global For Research on Globalization," located, apparently, in an entity called "The Republic of East Vancouver." Just published today, the piece is remarkable for its air of instant quaintness:

Many of us have watched the Bush regime’s actions with a growing feeling of horror intertwined with a sense that somehow we’ve seen all of this before, but we aren’t sure where.

Aren't sure where. Yeah, right.
We’re confused because what we’re seeing conflicts with unexamined and deeply held assumptions we have about American freedom.

Confused. There's a euphemism on a par with "tired and overemotional." But see what I mean? It just sounds quaint. Old fashioned. This paragraph is particularly silly and dated-sounding:

Attorneys, CIA agents, military lawyers, and other civil servants who’ve disagreed with the Bush administration have been threatened and fired. David Horowitz and his colleagues have mounted a well-funded nation-wide intimidation campaign that has university students spying on their professors and that has successfully coerced regents at State Universities to discipline or fire left-leaning professors like Ward Churchill. The regime’s supporters have organized campaigns to damage the careers of artists like the Dixie Chicks for criticism of the president and his policies.

David Horowitz. If he didn't exist the left would have had to invent him. In fact, they did invent him, didn't they? Bastards. And who are these Chicks of Dix of whom he speaks?

Read it all for your daily dose of gentle laughter and rueful head-shaking.

Update: JWP is a genius:

Wart's people got
No reason!
No reason!
No reason!
Wart's people got
No reason at all.

They got little Warty minds,
And little Warty hearts,
And little Warty thoughts
From Anarcho-Mart!

Little Warty hands
And little Warty hides
Little Warty voices
Screamin' 'Genocides!'

(and that's why we)
Don't need no Wart's people,
Don't need no Wart's people,
Don't need no Wart's people
'Round here.

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