Monday, December 17, 2007

Whitmer shown door at CU?

According to the spring-summer 2008 CU ethnic studies department course schedule, Ward Churchill's best boy Benjie Whitmer won't be teaching a class this spring--although there's still one course listed as "open" that he might pick up: "Ethnic Studies 3671-001--Fight the Power." Amazingly, teaching that would be a step down, intellectually speaking, from "American Indians in Film" or whatever it was called Whitmer taught last semester.

(Inspired, I guess you'd say, by PB, whose post, and the one following it on Churchill's peer-reviewed publications--the cause of so much swooning and fake indignation at Benjie's filthy Try-Works blog--are full of warty goodness.)

Update: Yes, a course at "the flagship university of the state of Colorado" (as one wag termed it) called "Fight the Power." Some other ethnic studies courses available this spring and summer: "Contemporary Black Protest"; "Topics: Chicano Identity"; and the unavoidable "Race, Class and Gender," taught by the equally unavoidable Arturo Aldama. Guess I should be glad there isn't a radical oratory course called "Speaking Truth to Power."

Update II: A reviewer likens Mathias, leader of the undead in The Omega Man, to Ward Churchill. I don't see it.

Update III: The fine blog Cheap Area Rug ("All About Cheap Area Rugs") notes that Ward has been fired from CU:
Administration and faculty tried to sweep complaints about Churchill under the rug to avoid the public disgrace of having to Lawsuits against the university could abound in this area, especially if he is not terminated from CU.

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