Thursday, December 27, 2007

Too-cool-for-school minimalism fights back!

In the humor industry, I'm told, that's known as a callback.

Yes, more krep.

Always find the local angle: Killer tiger born at Denver Zoo. (More.)

Aspen police crack down on paparazzi:
It's the holidays in Aspen and the paparazzi are out in force in the ritzy ski town in search of celebrities. . . .

"We have reached the limits of frustration with the paparazzi," police Sgt. Bill Linn said. "If (a celebrity) can't walk down the street unimpeded, then the photographers are going beyond the scope of what's acceptable."

Police get six or seven police calls about pesky paparazzi daily. Linn said on Sunday, there were more complaints about photographers than calls for accidents on the town's busy, slippery streets.
Lunch money? Casual blogging not just lunch money now.

Victor Davis Hansen in 2005 on Ward Churchill:

No one knows what to make of his various arrests, boasts of bomb-making, trip to Libya, angry and traumatized ex-wives, braggadocio about petty vandalism, tales of phone threats, and the variety of other sordid stories that surround this fabricated man. [We know what to make of them now, don't we?] Churchill’s presence on campus is like the weaving driver who is pulled over by the state police, who quickly find no license, registration, or insurance, but plenty of warrants — and thus wonder how many other paroled miscreants they’ve missed out there, one accident away from being a public-relations nightmare.
That analogy sounds familiar.

Teachers' rep ready for revolution: "Let's give established procedures for school innovation a chance."

It really blows, it really blows, it really blows: Denver approaching fifth snowiest December. You don't want to know what I blame.

Waiting for the local angle: Pakistanis in U.S. fear for homeland.

Lazy-ass columnist: The Rocky's Paul Campos hacks up a piece on the commercialization of Christmas. Christ.

Rocky first with local angle: Coloradans fearful, hopeful.

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