Friday, December 21, 2007

Weird Bird Friday

I was trolling the internet for weird bird pictures (I started Weird Bird Friday because I had "so many" weird bird pictures, but I ran out a long time ago), and came across the Southern Ground Hornbill on a Portuguese site called Privilégios de Sísifo. For some reason I couldn't save that picture, but here are a couple of others from elsewhere:

Would almost be rather regal-looking except for the weird red bits stuck all about its face. (From here.)

Here's another I like because it looks like a bird with attitude.

Don't mess with me while I'm walking down my road. [from here]

But really, all of this is just an excuse to post just about the coolest picture I've ever seen in my life which I found while trolling over at old Sisyphus' site. Here 'tis:

By Laurence Shan. Stone statue of Shennong, the Divine Farmer and legendary originator of Chinese herbal medicine, in Shennongjia, Hubei Province.

It was posted under the title, "Continuo a ser um Inimigo do Estado." I don't know Portuguese, but it is close enough to Spanish for me to confidently translate this as "I continue to be an enemy of the state."


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