Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Joseph and John Trimbach's American Indian Mafia, that is. Well worth the five-spot, judging only by the section dealing with some of the lies in Churchill's two books on the FBI and AIM's takeover of Wounded Knee. With appropriate contempt, and under headings like "The Nutty Professor," "Hatemonger Extraordinaire," and "Grand Buffoonery," Trimbach goes through Churchill's fabrications, omissions, misdatings and misidentifications, and notes that:

Perhaps the best way to deal with the professor's books on the FBI is to reclassify them as works of comedy, satirical stories of conspiracy as seen through the eyes of a professor full of beans [beans?--ed.].
Can't wait to see the reaction to American Indian Mafia at Churchill's dog Benjie's filthy Try-Works blog. Wart himself ("Charley Arthur") might have to reply--not only there, but, one hopes, in discovery for his suit as well. Trimbach disposes of the ex-professor by echoing a thought many Churchill-watchers have had:

The problem with political loons like the professor from Boulder is that they never seem to get around to actually addressing the problems of their claimed constituents--in this case, Native Americans. If this Indian wannabe was genuinely interested in the plight of Pine Ridge residents, one would think he would be out in front on the issues of the day, putting his taxpayer-subsidized wampum [you'll be called a racist for that one, Joe] where his mouth is. Instead we get substandard academics laced with self-indulgent fantasy under the guise of constitutionally protected speech and "academic freedom."

Trimbach gets it.

The book even seems to read better than I'd hoped, given its long stay in publishing purgatory. Now, how the hell do I print a pdf file?

Update: This post originally had another paragraph delineating some of the topics Trimbach addresses. I took it out because it read like shit. Maybe I'll try again after I've actually, you know, read the book.

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