Sunday, December 09, 2007

Church shootings

Four people were shot today in the parking lot of New Life Church, Ted Haggard's old pastorate in Colorado Springs. This in addition to the shootings at a "missionary center" in Arvada north of Denver last night in which two people were killed. Nobody's saying the incidents are related, but the thought has occurred to many.

Update: The Post has more on the missionary dorm shootings.

Update II: Last week Christopher Hitchens said on Hugh Hewitt's radio show (no transcript) that incidents like the Omaha mall massacre--and, one presumes, these--are essentially unnewsworthy. He might change his mind knowing the one shooting was at Ted Haggard's former church, of course, but otherwise his point was that such stories, though profoundly depressing, convey no useful information.

Update III: Attacks linked:

Arvada police said Sunday they have "reason to believe" that deadly attacks at two religious institutions 70 miles apart that left five dead and six injured are probably linked.

Arvada Police Chief Don Wick said his agency sent officers to share notes with Colorado Springs police. And late Sunday, authorities from both agencies were searching a home in southeastern Arapahoe County they say could be related to the case.

And yes, the "security team" member who shot and killed the gunman was a woman.

Update IV: Since when do churches have "security teams"?

Update V: Killer identified.

Update VI: He "hated Christians."

Update VII: "Steady hands." [Oops, link added.]

Update VIII: Killer's rants published.

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