Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reporters at work

The News' John Ensslin and Berny Morson get the facts:

A Bengal tiger cub is secured in a cage after officials from the Division of Wildlife and Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office removed it from a home on South Fillmore Circle in Centennial.

Residents of a quiet block in Centennial suspected something that growls was living behind their neighbor's fence.

Maybe they heard it growling.

The 4-month-old male weighed about 40 to 60 pounds, said Division of Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill.

Churchill said the animal is considered dangerous to humans. A suburban back yard is not considered good habitat for the animal, she added.

"Miss Churchill!" veteran reporter Berny Morson shouted fiercely, "are Bengal tigers considered dangerous to humans?" "Miss Churchill!" demanded hard-hitting knight of the keyboard John Ensslin, "is a suburban back yard considered a good habitat for a Bengal tiger?"

Wonder which reporter looked up this last fact:

They [tigers] eat people only when other prey is not available, according to the World Book Encyclopedia.

My bet: Berny Morson.

Update: that last little josh would be much funnier (well, funny, maybe) if I had a picture of Berny Morson to link to. He's worked for the Rocky for like a thousand years, but I can't find a single likeness of him on the Interurban. He's what you might call studious-looking.

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