Thursday, December 06, 2007

Abstract of the week!

"Lost in transsexualism: Ha, RiSu and their outcome as belle of TV"

This essay focuses on the question how Ha, RiSu a TV star and singer, can survive and incorporate ‘them’self into such a perpetual and everlasting system of patriarchy, intersexual love, and ties of blood. How can the people’s mind, which has ruthlessly and heartlessly rejected so many sexual minorities, be so generous with Ha, RiSu? This essay tries to reveal the hidden codes posed by Ha, the transsexual who has dogmatically practiced the famous aphorism of de Beauvoir, “one is not born a woman, but becomes one”, and unknowingly occupied our living room without any struggle nor resistance. . . .

Ha’s trade-mark is the fact that ’she’ is the ‘him’ who was a man. ‘She’ has deleted his body as he was, deleted ‘his’ status as the successor of patriarchal power over his kinship, and replaced them with new kind of the belle. It explains why Ha’s past can be so easily and eagerly consumed even by the androcentric society. Ha is not a minority because Ha was a man before that transsexualism and Ha has won the prestige of the belle.

From these, the task of protecting guard of the system of intersexualism has covertly been given to Ha. Ha has changed his body from male to female in order to love a man, which plays a role of propaganda of the commandment that, at any cost, one should have a sexual body opposite to that of the other whom he/she want to love.

Nevertheless, it should not be denied the meanings of the existence of that transsexual. Ha really wanted to change his ‘perfect’ body as man into a ‘deficient’ body of woman. Ha’s choice to abandon the status of succession of the partriarchal right and power, has so much implication in deconstruction of gender society.

Ha has set up just a starting point of plastic sexuality, but, has not arrived at its final goal. All that Ha has achieved is just that Ha has positively incorporated into the androcentric society at the cost of ‘his’ body, and reinforced the patriarchal system of intersexualism: the revolution of transsexualism with no revolution of sex cognizance shall be dangerous to make so much conservative results.

What Ha has not gotten is the recognition of his/her real sexuality, without which his/her great step toward another identity of ‘them’self come to be lack of authenticity. Because the future Ha dreams shall be the present of all of the women in the world, Ha’s feminity can start to be re-formulated just from the point of newly recognising all the represssion and oppression imposed to the women.
Update: What Ha!

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