Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your daily dose of doom-mongering

Guest column in the Post:
Imagine that an international commission of astronomers discovers that a massive asteroid is hurtling directly towards us, and is certain to destroy the earth in ten years.

With an immediate and coordinated international effort, however, the scientists say there is a decent chance that we can develop the technology to redirect or explode the asteroid before it destroys us.

Given that doing nothing means sure annihilation, the peoples of the world drop their religious and political quarrels, and agree to throw all of their resources and energy together to find a way for the human race to survive.

We need to develop this kind of mindset with respect to the impending world water crisis, and no where more than right here in Colorado. There simply is no substance more critical to life than water - we cannot live without it for more than a
few days. . . .
What? Why did nobody inform us of this before? A conspiracy by Big Water, no doubt.

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