Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Churchill trial update

The pirate with the multilingual parrot ("merde, merde, merde!") notes that the Chutch trial is slated to last from March 9 through the 27th. Shorter than I'd thought it'd be, thank (provisionally) God. Check out the flyer (pdf): there's so much shit in there it's hard to believe they actually think they'll fool anyone. Notice also the heroic pic of our Michael-Mooreish pal, sans AK.

I particularly like this from the "Roadmap for pretextual firing" section:

"Many uncritical people have been fooled by the length of the Investigative Committee's 124-page report. . ."

This from the idiots who laud the fraud for having "400 footnotes per chapter."

Resist the silencing!

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