Monday, February 23, 2009

RMN: Churchill not plagiarist; Ayers not terrorist

Well, that might be how the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network will spin it, anyway. Actually, in an editorial today the News restates the obvious:
Perfect. One historical fiction writer and fantasist, Bill Ayers, is coming to the defense of another, Ward Churchill. See it in person on the University of Colorado campus at 7 p.m. on March 5.

The event, breathlessly titled “Forbidden Education and the Rise of Neo-McCarthyism,” is the idea of student groups who believe professor Churchill was fired for his political views and not because he committed “multiple acts of plagiarism, fabrication and falsification,” to quote CU’s privilege and tenure committee from two years ago.

The university’s Standing Committee on Research Misconduct had previously concluded that Churchill engaged in “repeated, intentional misrepresentation.”

No matter. The student groups want this fraud and falsifier back in the classroom and they’ve recruited a former member of a domestic terrorist group to make the case for him — a radical who of late has taken to promoting historical falsehoods that, if anything, are even more breathtaking than Churchill’s. . . .

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