Wednesday, February 04, 2009



The agency that handles business for the two Denver newspapers is planning for life in a one-newspaper town.

Staff at the Denver Newspaper Agency has drafted a letter for advertisers that says "Effective March 1, 2009, only one major daily newspaper will serve the metro Denver market - The Denver Post."

The letter features a new logo for the agency that describes it as "publisher of The Denver Post."

The letter also tells advertisers "the closure of the Rocky Mountain News will only minimally change our print and online audience ... All current Rocky Mountain News subscribers will now receive The Denver Post."

Agency spokesman Jim Nolan said the letter is a draft, and "absolutely nothing has been mailed to anybody."

"The dates are purely placeholder dates – they don't mean anything. The (agency) has not been notified by either owner of any date regarding the Rocky Mountain News. Our plans are to keep publishing the Rocky Mountain News until notified otherwise.

"It's part of a contingency planning effort, just by the DNA, to plan for several alternatives on how to communicate with advertisers if scenario A or scenario B happened," Nolan said. "It hasn't been vetted – it's simply the writer's attempt at how we would communicate that scenario in the event it happened ... it's prudent business management to plan for various business scenarios."

Nolan declined to comment on what the other scenarios may
be. . . .

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