Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Churchill defenders rouse selves from Veg-O-Matic slumbers

In two posts at his website Open Anthropology, Concordia University associate professor Maximilian Forte attempts to debunk the academic fraud findings by CU against Ward Churchill, and specifically the comments of Churchill lie-exposer Thomas Brown on this piece by Marc Bousquet in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The first post concerns the the alleged motivations for the Churchill investigation and the plagiarism charges against Chutch, and takes its arguments straight from the fecund imagination of Marxist CU prof Tommy Mayer, the nine professors who made charges of research misconduct against CU in its investigation, and Churchill himself.

Snapple is mentioned. The second concerns the Wampanoag and Mandan smallpox epidemics, and specifically takes aim at Brown. This is going to be a very interesting trial.

Speaking of which, a little boidie (not his parrot) tells PB that Churchill's suit against CU will be presided over by Second District Court Chief Judge Larry Naves.

Update: PB has more and better.

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