Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Night at the Radio!

Lux Radio Theater: "Murder My Sweet" (11 June 1945). Never heard this one before, but the movie, of course, is a classic, and the radio show has its stars, Dick Powell and Claire Trevor. Starts scratchy and stays that way, but the sound comes through fine.

And since we're on a movie kick and the Academy Awards are coming up (blech), how about an Academy Award Theater: "Ruggles of Red Gap" (6 August 1946). Yep, this one has Charles Laughton and Charlie Ruggles.

Phil Harris and Alice Faye: "The Flying Saucer" (2 April 1950).

The Halls of Ivy: "Poetry Reading" (5 July 1950). Such a witty, gentle show.

Haven't played one of these in ages: Information Please: "Jan Strother, John Gunther" (10 September 1940). Struther, a frequent (right up till she called an Agatha Christie novel by its British title, "Ten Little Niggers," on air) and charming guest, wrote "Mrs. Miniver." Info Please is such a good show just on its own terms, and absolutely fascinating historically; I'm gonna start playing it again.

Oh what the hell, I'll play another one now: "Carl Sandburg and Christopher Morley" (30 October 1942). (I switched out an earlier show with Sandburg because the sound on this one is so much better).

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