Friday, February 27, 2009


The pirate with the tubercular parrot ("Ahoy, matey! Ahoy, matey! Ahoy, maaaaaccccckkkkkk! (spit)") has read Ward's contribution to a book, I forget the name (intentionally), in which Ward tells the same old lies but, more interestingly, attacks Pirate Ballerina specifically. In doing so the Master of Rigor in Footnoting several times cites Ben Whitmer's filthy Try-Works blog--you know, the one Whitmer has (twice) disappeared? The posts Churchill cites, therefore, don't even exist.

"Whether you agree with it or not, [Churchill's writing has] always been praised for academic rigor. He has 400 footnotes per chapter"--Arturo Aldama, CU ethnic studies prof.

Update: Yes, I know you could probably find them on Wayback or somewhere, but not where Wart says they are.

Update: That quote from Arturo Aldama is one of my faves of the whole Churchill brouhaha (so far).

Update II: Might help if I included the link to PB's post (I've done so now). Snapple's right: I never check my work.

Update III: Yes, I punched up the parrot joke a little.

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