Monday, February 16, 2009

24 live blog!

8:04 p.m. Not watching 24.

8:12: Still not watching.

8:17: Nope.

8:24: TV's not even on.

8:31: You know what I'd like right now? A glass of OJ.

8:36: OJ accomplished. Why do we always get the kind with pulp?

8:39: Pulp: That's kind of gross word.

8:42: Pulp, pulp, pulp, pulp pulp!

8:50: TV on. What's on TCM? Oh, man, not Some Like it Hot again. Never been able to figure out how anyone would buy into Lemmon and Curtis as women.

8:52: TV off.

8:55: Actually I haven't watched any of 24 this season.

8:57: Or last season.

8:59: We're running out of time!

9:00: Maybe I'll go read a book.

Update: Not many 24 fans left, huh?

Update II: Yep, jumped the shark, it did.

Update III: Right? Huh?

Update IV: Fuck.

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