Thursday, February 26, 2009

Worcester (UK) may 'twin' with Gaza City

Same thing as "Sister Cities" here and elsewhere. The Mail:
One is a picturesque cathedral city in the heart of England, famed for its china and the tangy sauce that shares its name.

The other is a grief-stricken war zone in the Middle East run by a group listed as a terrorist organisation by both the EU and the U.S.

They may not seem best suited as twins, but Worcester, birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar, could become the first British city to be twinned with Gaza City.

A motion calling for the twinning association to consider the link was passed by 29 votes to nil, with six abstentions, at a meeting of the Tory-run council.

Labour councillor Alan Amos, who first suggested the twinning, said: 'Like many I have watched the plight of the people of Gaza, seeing them get bombed and bombed by Israelis with advanced military weapons.". . .
From a quick look it appears that no American city has gone sister cities with any Gazan counterpart, though the Madison, Wisconsin city council narrowly defeated such an arrangement with Rafah in 2004. The Madison-Rafah Sister City Project is still around; it's about what you'd expect.

(via B-BBC)

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