Friday, February 06, 2009

Catching up with: former RMN Churchill reporter Charlie Brennan

Scummy ex-Try-Works poster FireWitchRising links to a new post at "The Brennan Files" (itself formerly a part of ex-CU instructor Benjie Whitmer's filthy, twice-disappeared blog) from the "Mystery Lady," the woman to whom Brennan wrote scores of indiscreet and embarrassingly self-regarding e-mails, which she then published, causing Brennan to be removed from the Chutch beat and eventually to leave the paper for the local Fox News outlet.

ML says in this latest post that Brennan has been convicted of interfering with a police officer. He allegedly crossed police tape marking the crime scene where a little girl had been shot.

Really dumb, but what's interesting is how ML combines self-exculpation for publishing Brennan's e-mails with that singular nastiness we've come to expect from Chutch supporters:
When Rocky Mountain News reporter Charlie Brennan wrote me over one hundred letters in what, I believe, was an attempt to seduce me into giving him vicious gossip for his Swift-boating of Ward Churchill back in 2005, I did not interfere. I patiently let him pour his sleazy heart out for five months and then forwarded the letters for publication on the Internet. Charlie was immediately fired from the Churchill story for bias. He kicked his own ass and I did not interfere.
Read whole thing. True to Churchillian standards, ML doesn't hesitate to bring up Brennan's daughter's alleged troubles with the law as well.

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